Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Day Thirteen...

Can you believe I only have 2 days left of this class? Craziness. So, all I can say about today is Freedom, sweet, sweet freedom. We are working from a price point now, so we set up a "store" in class today and got to pick whatever flowers we wanted from it as long as it was within our price range. I loved it! We didn't learn any new techniques or design styles or anything today, but we did learn how the "real world" works now. Pretty cool.

So, the first design we did was a bud vase. I used dutch iris, daffodils, and bear grass in this one.

We got more money for the second bud vase and I used larkspur, freesia, and statice.

Next we got to do full vase arrangements. I used gerbers, daffodils, dutch iris, statice, button mums, and bear grass.


On the second vase arrangement we got more money, so I used the same flowers from my last one and added some heather and more button mums.

Front (kind of looks like it's leaning a bit...weird angle. sorry)


Last we did a hand tied bouquet using the same flowers, but we got more money because we got rid of our vase, so I added tulips to mine and took out the bear grass. Also, I got an extra couple of dutch iris because we needed to use them. :) So...we tied it, wrapped it, and took it home. Lovely!

Oh...and we did corsages too. I forgot about that part. I used mini roses, button mums, and statice in mine. Apparently we're getting tested on these, so I'd better get better at making them!


Megan said...

Your flowers are so springy looking. I love it. Seriously though, is your whole entire room just packed with all the flower arrangements you have done? I feel as if it is a jungle in there. Spread the love and FedEx me one or something. J/K.

Tammy said...

Love your hand tied bouquet, it is my favorite! Also, love your second and third vase arrangements. You are doing a great job - way to go Melissa! Are you ready for your final? Good luck tomorrow.