Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Day Seven...

Whew! Kind of a big day today...literally. We continued in sympathy designs today and did a few new, fun things. We learned 2 new easel sprays - we only got to choose one though, so I don't have both of them pictured. We finally did a casket spray too, which was interesting. It was a group project, so that put a whole new spin on things. I think ours turned out pretty well though. We also did a composite flower, which is taking apart several flowers and making one out of them. It was actually pretty cool and I really liked doing it. Then, to top it off we made cute little corsages.
I would never have guessed this, but learning and designing for 8 hours a day wears me out more than a full time job! By the end of the day I am beat! AND I'm even getting like 8 hours of sleep a night because I go to bed so early. Who knew? And I'm not the only one! We all drag ourselves out of there at the end of the day.
Oh! So today one of the girls cut practically the whole tip of her thumb off with her floral knife and I first-aided it all better! For some reason blood doesn't really bother me, but I could never go into the medical profession. That's just too much - sorry Megan!
Ok, big news too that I haven't shared yet...there is an opening for a one-year paid internship in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand in the floral department. How cool would that be?! Can you imagine the experience and the networking that could be gained through such a great opportunity and what kind of business I could build off of that? Wow. I'm sooo applying for it! Cross your fingers!

Cameo easel spray. My form is a little weak on the top bc I had
a wilty fern, so it looks empty up there in the picture. My bad.

Here's half of the class (my group) with our casket spray.
l-r: Nicole, Maryann, Yours Truly, Alyssa, Pam, and Eukoku (I have no idea how to spell her name bc she's from another class and is only here for a couple of days. Oops.)

Front of casket spray

Sort of arial view of casket spray

Side view of casket spray

Ok, here's where things got really cool...Take two gladiola stems, dissect them, glue them back together, and what do you get? A Glamellia!

Gladiola (what we started with)

Camelia (the flower we're "making")

The end result! I think mine turned out pretty darn good. In all the areas of my life that I struggle with in patience, I made up here! Totally worth the wait!

My cute little corsage. We learned some pretty cool stuff about how to take apart larger flowers and create smaller ones out of their parts to use in corsages. Cool stuff!


Megan said...

Ahhh so thats what Gladiola's are!! Nice. Seriously I like the whole casket thing you guys did. It is really pretty, even though it is kinda morbid but still really cool!!