Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day Four...

Ok, so today was kind of fun because we got to use novelty items and we learned how to price things out. We did 2 baby arrangements, and 2 mug arrangements. Even though they're pretty simple they were fun to do. Also...we're learning all of the traditional basics right now and then we'll get into the more interesting stuff...just in case you were wondering!

Nice booties, baby! This was my first attempt.

Second attempt. We had to use a different container
with a slightly different arrangement shape.

Mug attempt number one

Mug attempt number two. This is the one I got to bring home.

So far I've brought home my lovely centerpiece, the western asymmetrical design, and this mug. On my way home today my bus driver was like "Flowers again?!" so I told him I was taking a class. There was another dude that asked me about it too. Oh! I almost reference to Megan's comment about me being Teacher's pet...she's right! The teacher used a few of my arrangements as good examples again today. I love this stuff!


The Brandleys said...

That is so awesome!! you really do have a knack for that stuff, the arrangements look great! We miss you but we're glad you're having fun out there, don't freeze to death before we do ok? Love you!
p.s. Jonas misses his Auntie, he told me today that he really wishes you could come to his birthday party, but don't worry he understands!