Friday, January 18, 2008

Day Five...

Ok, so I had a really good today! We learned some fun stuff and I'm getting to know everyone in my class better too, so we're having more fun. We learned vase arrangements today, which involves the french weave technique. Here's the part where I brag a little bit. We finished and put our arrangements up at the front...the teacher picked mine up and said "Ok, this is perfect. Why don't you just teach the class? Who's is this?" I was slightly embarrassed, but also flattered. I am having so much fun doing this stuff and we get more freedom every day, which is cool because we all get the same materials and our pieces all end up very different. Anyway, so that was my day today and it was really good! Oh, and one of the ladies in my class is the co-owner of a flower shop and wants me to come and help during the holidays, which is perfect because I need a job when classes end so that I can stay in Portland. Anyway, this whole experience so far has been really good for me and I know this is where I need to be. I'm blossoming! ;) No pun intended.

This is the bud vase I got complimented on.

We made these cute little baskets and attached balloons, which I had to take home on the bus. I tried to give it away to a lady on the bus, but she didn't want it. :(

Oh yeah! We learned how to do some cool things with balloons today too - combining 2 to make different colors, blowing one up inside the other, etc. Pretty cool stuff.


The Brandleys said...

You are in the right place, I love seeing your progress. You're doing an awesome job. They look great!