Thursday, January 31, 2008

Day Fourteen...

So, today was our practical test and I'm not so sure how I did. Here's the deal: we had to make 3 different types of arrangements - a bud vase, corsage, and arrangement of our choice in foam. Here are my finished products, but we don't know how we did until tomorrow. I don't feel like my creative juices are really flowing yet and I hope they start by the time I start Advanced next week, because we get a lot of freedom in there.

So, here's my final corsage.

Here is my final bud vase. For the life of me, I could not get my rose to cooperate!

And I thought it would be fun to do an Ikebana design for my last foam piece.
This picture isn't very good bc you can't really see the snake grass pieces in the back.

Anyway, so those are my final design pieces for this class. There will be more to behold in the Advanced class next week. Ok, I have to admit..I had a minor break down today. We were discussing the business and job aspect of the floral market today and I had all sorts of doubts and fears. At this point, I know that I love to design but there isn't fantastic money in working for somebody. I know I want to work from my home whilst working for somebody else in a shop and gaining experience, but I worry about getting a business started, and building clientele, and doing a good job, and making enough money to pay bills and start a business. I have no idea what I'm doing with my life right now and it drives me crazy because I'm such a planner. It's forcing me to reveal my insecure, high-strung side that I try so hard to keep hidden. I'm having major inner turmoil because I know that I am here for a reason, I know that I love flowers and that this is something I want to do, but I really worry about what the future holds. I guess I need to just have faith and trust that things will work out. So far, things have worked out and I have been blessed immensely since moving to Portland. Oh to be young and in limbo! Ok, deep cleansing breaths...I'll make it through this.


Megan said...

Melissa I love you! First off, I LOVED your corsage, or however you spell it, the colors that you put together were AWESOME.. Don't worry about the whole work thing, you completely are such a planner and focusing on the unknown of the future is just going to give you more anxiety. Just trust that you will be blessed and everything will work out for you. That is what I do and look where it has gotten me...6 years in school... aw crap! Just kidding, but seriously don't stress you are amazing at what you do and everything will work out. Love ya!

Joni said...

I second everything Megan said. Seriously, that jerk stole all my sentimental statements. :) You are doing great, you have a knack for this, and yes, the business stuff will maybe be a lot of work, but no one's success comes overnight, and you have already started down the road towards where you want to be, and that is the hardest part. As a wise, wise man once said, "You gotta have faith." Love you!

Tammy said...

They are right, things will work out! This is just part of the journey! So enjoy it and don't stress out! You are doing great, can't wait to hear how you did on the final!! Call me!