Friday, January 25, 2008

Day Nine...

Today was wedding day! Actually, tomorrow is the day we actually have to do a fake wedding, but today we learned all of the how-to's for wedding etiquette, etc. and how to make bouquets and a new corsage. I don't know why, but I always forget to take pictures of the corsages we make. Ooops. I guess they're so little that I overlook them. Seriously, this class is super fun but by the end of the week I'm exhausted! Also, it's super late right now because I went out to Hayden Island with some girls from the class. It was a blast! We went out for pizza, toured around the island, and went to Pam's floating gift shop, which is sooo cool! She's the one I'm going to work with and then live in her same condo complex thing for my last 2 weeks here. She's a riot and so is Alyssa. I think I'm actually going to be sad when Alyssa goes back to California. She's a cutie and lots of fun. are the few pics I took today and I will definitely take some good ones tomorrow of our "wedding."

Round, hand held bouquet

Round, hand held bouquet arial view

Cascading hand held bouquet. Seriously...who's had one of these since 1988??

This one is more of an arial view, but not really. Oh well!

Alyssa and I in the wicked glasses Pam let us bring home from the shop!

Pam, Alyssa and I modeling the latest fashions in plastic sunglasses.
She told us we could keep them, but I forgot mine at her house. :(

p.s. to all of you who have checked out my blog and commented on my work, thanks so much! I really appreciate the support in my little adventure. It's nice to know I have friends and family who still check up on me and care about what I'm doing, and encourage my creativity. It helps a lot and I'm very grateful for it. :)


Megan said... time you go to Pams shop, please oh please buy me some of those amazing glasses!! I am so jealouse right now looking at you in all you birthday candle glory!!!