Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Day Eight...

Wow! Can you believe I'm already more than halfway finished my basic class? I can't believe how fast time has gone by and how much we've done already. Today was a good day because it was all about roses. Beautiful! I know they say a rose is a rose, or something like that, but I must say that I lucked out and got some really beautiful roses in class today. I got a different variety than everyone else and they were all really jealous bc mine were so visually interesting. I think they're called the Fashion rose, so they're kind of an orangey-cream color on the inside and a deep red on the edges, so they look almost velvety. Very cool. Anyway, we did vase arrangements and arranged a dozen, half dozen, single bud, and triple bud vase. Then we got to do hand-tied bouquets which are slightly difficult...especially bc I dropped mine right as I was tying it all together at the end. Nooo! Luckily my teacher and I both saved it before it fell too far and completely fell apart. I actually think it ended up better than it was before! Who knew?!

First attempt at a dozen roses

Another view of the first attempt at a dozen roses.

Second attempt at a dozen roses. I hope this one is better!

First attempt at a half dozen roses

Second attempt at a half dozen roses.

Kind of an arial view of the half dozen roses again.

Single rose bud vase.

3 rose bud vase

Hand tied bouquet


The Brandleys said...

Those are beautiful, seriously, I'm not even saying that to be polite. You've got a gift!