Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Day Three...

Last day for wedding design. :( Sad face for real. I have had so much fun doing this advanced wedding stuff. I think I feel confident enough that I know enough about weddings to want to try a few. I'm pretty sure I'd do all right! So..we made a plethora of things today: a pomander ball (what they're supposed to look like, not like the ones I made for Robyn's wedding.) ;), a composite lily, which is similar to the glamellia we made a couple of weeks ago but different entirely, and we made a flower girl basquette. Love using all of the modern materials and what not and I can't wait to start contemporary tomorrow!

Pomander ball, aka kissing ball. Note: you actually have to figure out area, etc. to do this one. Interesting...and news I wish I would have had a month ago doing Robyn's flowers!

Composite Lily

Composite Lily - popular to have these as bridesmaid bouquets because it's one giant, cool looking flower made of multiple flowers.

Another view of the composite lily.

Flower girl basquette

Here's the view from the top. It's a little bouquet inside a basket-type thing that we make.
Kind of hard to describe I guess, but really cute when they're done.

And in answer to my mother's question: ALL of the arrangements I have made and brought home are either currently perched/hung in various places around my house, or have been placed there, died, and replaced by another. Our house is cold and so nothing dies!!! We seriously live in a floral refrigerator and my house looks like a floral shop. Ha! Good thing my roomies like it. Be prepared when you come on Thursday, Joni. Flowers, flowers everywhere! It really is too bad I couldn't have done this at home and been able to give some of these away so you could all enjoy them. ;)


Tammy said...

Very nice! Looks like a lot of fun! Hope you had a good time tonight too. Have fun with Joni. Love ya Mom

Joni said...

Seriously, these are so amazing, Melissa! I teared up with pride like a mom or something. I'm nuts. SEE YOU TOMORROW!!! :)

The Brandleys said...

Very nice as usual, I can't wait to see your contemporary designs!