Thursday, April 10, 2008

Large Scale Day Two...

Today (we'll pretend it's March 27) we learned about decorating different types of wedding tents - an actual wedding tent and a chuppah. We also learned about the fibonacci code and how design incorporates that. We usually do it without even thinking about it, because it has a natural feeling to the human eye. Anyway, so we were divided into teams and each team had a different theme for their wedding.

My team was the big tent and our wedding was supposed to be set in a vineyard. Everyone actually participated in covering the poles of both tent styles, and also adding some garland and finishing touches to the large tent before we divided into teams.

This is the pole my team did. Lovely, I know. It's covered in moss and curly willow.

Next, we hung garland all around the top of the tent (made of plumosa and salal), and then we added strings of grapes.

This is the finished tent before we actually added our floral pieces.

Ours was the "cake tent," so the inner back corners needed to be decorated, since that is what people would see as well as the outer front corners. I did one of the inner back corner pieces and here it is! (roses, gerbera, kermit poms, hydrangea, hibiscus berries, curly willow, salal)

I also helped with one of the front pieces, but I don't know which one it was..I think it's on the right. Anyway...this is the completely finished project.

This is our pole on the chuppah. The theme of the chuppah wedding is set in a rose garden.

This is basically what the chuppah looked like before the other team did the flowers.

The legs of the completed chuppah. Debbie did the top corner piece, but it's kind of slipping back a little because we didn't anchor them for the class.

Here is their finished project and I think it turned out beautifully. They used plumosa, salal, roses of different colors, hydrangea, and I can't remember what the little star flowers are called.