Thursday, April 10, 2008

Large Scale Day Three...

Today is pretend March 28, by the way. We're on the last day of large scale design and today we're doing event work. The pieces we did today are actually really cool because we all used the same materials and each piece turned out quite differently, but they could all be placed in the same event hall and look fine. Pretty cool. Of course you would want to do something more uniform in an actual event, but it's a neat concept anyway. So, we used the cement base that we poured the other day and made 8ft bamboo decorative pieces. We used the fibonacci code again and it was a lot of fun to do these.

This is mine. It was hard to get a good picture of it because of all the others around it. I created my balance using curly willow, so it's a little bit harder to see the full dimension of it. Also...I have to say that I was quite upset at the end of the day because somebody took mine, so I didn't end up bringing this one home. It actually worked out ok because I didn't really have the room in my car. Oh well! Maybe I should be flattered that someone wanted mine!

Remember the little teepee's we made the other day? They became table centerpieces and end pieces to the table. Here's my lovely creation.

Up close. Don't really look too closely or you'll see all of my mistakes!

And this is what the table looked like as a whole when we were finished. Imagine it in an event hall, maybe as a buffet table or something. It was kind of a fun project!

So, now I am officially finished with Large Scale design and I know how to use proper mechanics when putting these types of things together. I really am convinced, after this class, that this is the area I want to focus on. I love doing wedding and special event work like this. When I go home, this is what I want to make my business into. I'm actually really excited about it now!


Cade and Carrian said...

I am loving your progress! I cannot wait to see your lil shop some day! I love everything!